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“Tết Exceptional: MOVE IT”
Link to join: https://bit.ly/KMS_MOVEIT

Make an exceptional 2022 by starting an active Tết with your IT mates nationwide.
Say goodbye to the idea of Tet just sitting around. 2022 is a special year. KMS would love to invite you, IT students, to take part in an unusual event this Tết: “Tết Exceptional: MOVE IT”.

- What is it?
A never-before series of running challenges designed for IT-ers, at all levels and in all locations!

- 4 reasons why you should join:
+ Easy but Joyful: 6 surprising, fun-filled challenges you can complete anywhere & anytime, even on your Tết trip to grandma’s house
+ Connected Nationwide: 400+ IT students & professionals
+ Rewarding: T-shirts, running belts, certificates, vouchers, and lots more healthy gain, mentally & physically.
+ Meaningful: for every KM you run, KMS pledges to fund 2,022 VND to the merit rewards for IT students that have outstanding performance

* Rewards:
T-shirts, running belts, certificates, vouchers, and more

- To join the event, you are required to have 2 things:
+ Software DNA (in another word, IT background)
+ Nothing else :”)
The event is free to join and designed for every IT-er, despite his/her age, location and working place/university.

* Let’s pin the timeline for the event:
+ Registration: Jan 19 - Jan 26
+ Challenges: Jan 29 - Feb 09
+ Link to join: https://bit.ly/KMS_MOVEIT
+ Event page to get updated: https://www.facebook.com/events/317113946969923

Put your shoes on! And, MOVE IT!

“Tết Exceptional: MOVE IT” - chuỗi thử thách chạy bộ Tết từ nhà KMS Technology dành riêng cho runners mọi cấp độ trong ngành IT chính thức bước vào giai đoạn đăng ký!
***Mỗi km chạy tích lũy được từ các runner, KMS sẽ góp 2,022VNĐ vào quỹ thưởng Tết “Merit Slots Reward" dành tặng riêng cho sinh viên ngành Công Nghệ Thông Tin cả nước có thành tích học tập vượt trội trong năm 2021 - một năm nhiều biến động và không ít khó khăn.

>>> Tìm hiểu thông tin về thử thách và đăng ký ngay tại đây: https://bit.ly/KMS_MOVEIT

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E92U-grWXAk


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